June 28, 2012

green dandelions

Lital, our neighbour, has the most beautiful green eyes that look good next to the custom made dandelion purse that was shipped to Slovenia. We had lots of fun photographing together with the kids and you should see the house after the "event".
I am featured in this giveaway, if you want to win a Pikula herrinbone pink wallet, go and participate. 


  1. I love dandelions, what a pretty purse! hope all is well and that you're enjoying summer :-) xx

    1. Hey Dani! Great to "hear" from you after such a long time! Summer is getting crazy here, it's so hot!! I would love to jump to Scandinavia for a bit now and cool down :) Hope you are well and that all your projects are a success. (I don't doubt it...)

  2. Lepaje tale cvetna pikula (in to reče ena, ki je čisto grafično fliknjena!).
    Hmmm, mislim, da bom poskusila srečo pri The Bright Side projektu, ker imam tole denarnico že dolgo ugledano!!!!

  3. and Lital hasa beutiful name and the most greenish eyes ever. beautiful girl.