July 13, 2012

do it yourself pouch with a zipper and strap

In my pre frame clutch times I used to do lots of zippered pouches. For myself and for all kinds of purposes. Jonatan loves this kind of bags, he puts in all his parking lot of cars and carries them around the world.
It's very simple to sew this kind of a pouch, even those of you who sit next to a sewing machine once year can do it in no time.
Mine was first in a simple square shape but I later on changed it into a half a watermelon slice shape, so Jonč can wear it easier.

Here's what you will need:
2 outer fabric swatches (preferably home decor weight)
2 lining fabrics
1 zipper
1 strap
sewing machine
some pins, thread and a pen

First you make a sandwich out of (see photos below):
1.lining right side up
2.zipper right side up
3.strap (put it a few cm from the edge of the sandwich)
4. outer fabric wrong side up

sew with your sewing machine's zipper foot and pin the layers together if you are afraid the fabrics will slip aside.
After you've sewn one side of the zipper you do the same sandwich also on the other side and sew it together as shown above. Take care that you tuck the strap between the outer fabric swatches, so you don't accidentally sew over it.
Once you've separated the layers and put together outer fabric swatches right sides together and lining swatches right sides together you should get something like this:

The red lines above show you how to sew all the fabrics together. Make sure you leave an opening on the bottom of the lining so you will later on be able to pull the bag through it.

You are almost done! Just sew the opening together (green line), tuck the lining in the bag, put your cars in it and go for a hike. Or put your hiking book in it and go for a drive with your car.


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  2. First time sewer, and I chose this for my first real project. Success! That means you definitely explained it VERY well :)

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    1. Hi Marlene!
      Thank you! Hope you got some more inspiration for your future sewing projects :)
      Happy sewing!