April 4, 2016

the amsterdam bag - workshop

Together with studio Crafty, we are happy to present this wonderful new workshop! It's a bicycle bag! And you can make it on your own. When you are riding your bike it sits on the back seat and when you arrive to your destination you just put the bag on your shoulder. So, a bag that is both practical and fun.
You can choose from a variety of colorful oil fabrics and tappets, so your bag will be the best match to your bike.
The workshop is taking place for the first time in Studio Crafty in Tel Aviv on the 9th of May at 18:00.
Number of participants is limited so hurry up.
how to sign in? Just send me an email or call
Spring is here, bicycles rule!

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  1. Very intresting post along with assisting information. Purse a small bag often made of soft leather, for carrying money, esp coins. I like the way of representation of your blog. Thanks!!!