October 19, 2014

new collection

You've met Hagar Nir already, the one that brings beautiful fabrics to our land and the one that has been my wonderful mate when it comes to workshops and brainstroming. Well, this time, as soon as I've seen the new fabrics that arrived to Hagar's studio, I just had to do something out of them.
So, I did and after that we both went to a picturesque kibbutz and shot these photos. Enjoy and don't forget to visit the shop of course. The collection is limited and shipping is free until the end of this month.

green wild flowers tote bag:

Purple secret forest tote bag:

Corn yellow tote bag:

Purple secret forest zip pouch:

Yellow tote bag, solid:

Yellow tote bag and wild animals clucth:

Secret forest in blue clutch purse:

Purple secret forest clutch purse:

Green wild flowers clutch purse:

You can find more items in my shop.

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  1. oj, kolk si lepa in pikulice enako! krasna blaga!