September 26, 2011

Fabric and Florentin

Lotta Jansdotter, a Swedish designer, every time captures my look. Her work is so clean and organic. The new Echo fabric collection is out for preordering; maybe it's time for Pikula to get a bit more Scandinavian ;) Lotta has also some great books, I bought this one and keep on opening it.
I'm after a very nice 2 day sale in Tel Aviv. I met a lot of great people and got some Florentin air back into my soul. These are some of the pics I took with my iPhone; forgot to bring my camera :(
Take a look:
Jul fashion clothing 
Ingrid goods for babies and children
Netta Kasher photography
Nova Bianca fashion clothing
lilla my jewelry 
rozmarin jewelry 
knobbly jewelry


  1. Fini vzorci (hvala za link)..morda ti bo všeč in blog je tudi navdihujoč:)

  2. Tudi tebi hvala za link...zelo navdusena, izgleda cudovito!