August 12, 2011

sea, here we come!

Before we go to free our mind on a small Croatian island;
These are some of the bags I've recently custom made/added to my shop.
See you in a week :)


  1. so gorgeous! featured them a week or so ago :)


  2. Živjo! Pravkar odkrila tvojo trgovinico in seveda posledično tudi blog:)
    Lepe torbice...definitivno še pridem!

  3. Rimi, that's great! I can't wait for October to come ;)

  4. Matilda, lepo da sva se spoznali. Pa hvala za vse lepe besede. Z Danijelo se pa že meniva za en mali skupni projekt...kmaaaluuuu! :)

  5. Hello is me...i have a blog too...but its not easy finding time to post much with the little ones....soooo much work !

    maja...your purses are so awesome....i will soon do a post on the beautiful items i had the pleasure to purchase from your store :) ...thanks again...
    PS : your blog is beautiful with so many great pictures....

  6. Hi Natalie! I have tried to see your can I reach it? You are right that finding some spare time with kids is a bit hard...I'm cutting my night sleep usually. :)