June 14, 2011


It took me too much time to make a bag for myself. It's big, it's practical
and it even has room for diapers. Best part; it has lots of dots inside.


Vzelo mi je daleč preveč časa, da sem se rešila tistega o bosi kovačevi kobili. Tale torba je moja. Je velika, praktična in ima celo prostor za par plenic. In kar je najslaše; znotraj se skriva veliko pikic.


  1. Oh!!! That bag sooooo MATIM LI!!! Just beautiful!
    Will you make more like this to your etsy?
    If you do, what will be its price?!!!!
    Just love it!

  2. Thank you. I actually still have some of the stripped fabric; if you want I can make you a bag like mine. Send me e-mail:
    you can also come to visit my studio in Kfar Saba. :)

  3. Kfar Saba!!! Love that city! I will write you!!! =)

  4. Your designs are simply wonderful. This one in particular is so cute, with the dots inside... I love it!